The Journey

The Beginning

The heroes had each separately found their way to Fallcrest where they now live. What brought them together is an entirely different story. But now they were well acquainted and were in Goldcap’s store when Goldcap asked them to retrieve his dragon hide that was on its way to him to make some armor out of it. They agreed after haggling for the reward and set off to where the lizard men were rumored to have set up camp. The adventurers found a couple of creatures in the first room and managed to clear the room by knocking them into a pit. The next room contained traps that some set off while others were hit by them. The next room had a rock hanging from the ceiling which the group had to dodge to survive which was nothing compared to the next room. That room contained a huge boulder that despite the groups efforts managed to be set off and roll around the room. After brutally killing the wyrmpriest the group went into the last cave where a young ice dragon attacked them. They defeated the dragon and found the hide they were looking for. They returned the hide to Goldcap and on their way out Goldcap noticed the bone mask from the wyrmpriest hanging from one of the group members belt and told them the Lord Warden would be most interested in seeing that.


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